Sustainable Business and Impact Strategiest

Anna is the Founder and CEO of Orbis Environmental, (a Founding Certified B Corporation) an advisory firm which helps organisations to measure their social and environmental impact, define organisation’s broader societal purpose in terms of how it can contribute to solving our social and environmental problems and incorporate this into their business model. 

Anna works with purpose driven organisations and enterprises to increase their capacity to design and deliver purposeful programs and services to help solve social and environmental problems and create long-term systemic positive social and environmental change.  She assists organisations through measuring an organisation’s environmental and social outcomes, refining their leadership and purpose and designing effective stakeholder partnerships.  She also assists businesses to play a purposeful role in society through identifying opportunities for new value propositions through creating shared value (CSV) and cross-sectoral partnerships across business, government and the not-for-profit sectors.

Through Orbis Environmental and her Board role on the Social Impact Measurement Network Australia (SIMNA) she supports organisations from all sectors to start the social impact measurement journey and helps them to understand how organisations can create positive social value in society. 

Anna is an Advisory Board Member for the Clean Cut Fashion Council, where she uses her social impact, leadership and systems thinking skills to increase Clean Cut's capacity to deliver activities and programs with a focus on creating positive social and environmental outcomes and impact, consistent with the organisation’s mission of creating fashion that is environmentally sustainable and socially aware.  Anna supports social entrepreneurs to keep a focus on outcomes and impact to ensure their activities are as effective as possible in creating positive societal change.  She also advises on the development of a sustainable business model and strategy for the organisation. 

Anna has a background in environmental impact, social impact and sustainability consulting across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors over the last 20 years.  She has a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Biology), Graduate Certificate (Environmental Engineering and Management) and a Graduate Certificate (Social Impact) from the Centre of Social Impact (CSI) through the Business School of the University of New South Wales.  In 2011, she was awarded two CSI prizes, for outstanding academic performance in “Leadership for Social Impact” and “Demonstrating Social Impact”.