CLEAN CUT was invited by NEW ROMANTIC to collaborate on hosting a dinner as part of its B-SESSIONS event series. 

The B-SESSIONS are a series of events where over an innovative culinary experience, a group of collaborators and brilliant guests ignite a narrative that transcends that of the table. The sessions encourage conversations around critical topics within contemporary culture in the aim of cultivating awareness and change as well as collaborations through enabling connections. 

CLEAN CUT worked with NEW ROMANTIC to develop the narrative by addressing the impact fashion can have on a global scale. The message was simple. 'Sustainable fashion is about informed purchasing and innovative production in order to achieve maximum positive social and environmental effect.'

It’s bringing about greater awareness and celebration of the future of fashion, with a vision of connecting the wider fashion industry with the sustainable fashion space and the many developments that are taking place with fabric developments and production processes.

With this in mind we discussed the many roads to creating fashion more sustainably for the future including:

Fair labour practices

Low waste pattern making

Sustainable and organic fibres

Ecological dye techniques

Luxury fashion


Local production

2nd hand garments

The evening continued with 3 key speakers who were invited to bring their experiences to the table to open up the discussion.

Clare Press (Sunday Style Features editor)

Kate Sala (Designer and previous Honest By production manager) 

Paul Smith (Australian Ethical Investment)

The conversation starters for the evening spiked some very interesting viewpoints including continued transparency, the need for further industry and consumer education and awareness through actionable campaigns. Offering support and programs to industry to increase sustainable practices to their business, and the power of social enterprise as key methods for shaping the future of fashion.